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What is Myasthenia Gravis (MG)?

While doing daily household work or any other activity that uses lots of strength, the powerful and strong relaxation and contraction of the muscles are carried out by the sensitive and delicate nerve signals from the Central Nervous System. If this nerve connection is lost or disturbed then this can lead to a lot of problems.

Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is one of such neuromuscular disease which is characterized by the damaged or impaired nerve connected to the muscle. Because of this, the weak or unhelpful nerve signals cause muscle weakness. MG is a rare disorder and it affects women more as compared to men. Between the age of 40 – 60 years, the chances of MG increases.

As of now, there is no permanent cure available for this disease, however, we can improve the overall life, health, and condition of the patient and make them feel better.

Stem Cell Therapy for Myasthenia Gravis

What are Symptoms Myasthenia Gravis?

Symptoms of MG varies from patient to patient, however, the most common and main symptom is Weakness in the voluntarily controlled muscles. In the case, you observe that the muscles weakness occurs whenever you are doing any physical activity and it gets better while taking rest then you should immediately get your medical checkup done as there could be the possibility of MG.

Other symptoms are as follows – 

  • Difficulty in lifting the objects, climbing, or walking upstairs.
  • Problem in breathing
  • Problem with Vision, getting double vision, uncontrolled drop of eyelids
  • Finding it difficult to chew or swallow anything
  • Difficulty in talking
  • Facial Paralysis

What are Causes Myasthenia Gravis?

When the immune system of the patient starts attacking an important neurotransmitter called as – Acetylcholine; which is very important for the communication between Nerve and Cell, then the muscle weakness starts and this is called Myasthenia Gravis.

Thymus Gland – A gland which leads to the production of the antibodies in the human body that protects us from Bacteria and Viruses becomes enlarged in the most of the adult patients of Myasthenia Gravis. Normally, the Thymus Gland is large in Childhood and it goes smaller with the age. You will find complications like Thymomas and Lymphoid Hyperplasia in patients with Myasthenia Gravis.

How Myasthenia Gravis Diagnosis?

The main test for Diagnosis of myasthenia gravis is a blood test to look for a type of antibody (produced by the immune system) that stops neuronal signals being sent between the nerves and muscles. A high level of these antibodies usually indicates you have myasthenia gravis.

Different Types of Myasthenia Gravis Disease

MG is divided into 5 main types depending on the progression of the symptoms as follows -

  1. In this case, the muscles in the eye (Ocular Muscles) becomes weak leading to difficulty in closing the eyes, but the other muscles of the body remain normal.
  2. In this case, you will find the progression of the weakness in Ocular muscles and in other muscles weakness is very mild. The Oropharyngeal, Axial and respiratory muscles losses their power to some extent.
  3. In this case, you can observe weakness at the moderate level in Axial, Ocular, Respiratory and Oropharyngeal muscles.
  4. In this case, you will find the very severe weakness in all the muscles and the food administration can be done via Feeding Tube.
  5. In this case, the patient becomes bed-bound and need intubation all the time with the assistance of ventilation in some cases.

Is there any Treatment Available for Myasthenia Gravis?

Myasthenia Gravis Treatment totally depends upon the symptoms. To make the patient's condition better, the patient will be advised to take plenty of fluids, bed rest, Antibiotics and counter medications. In few cases, Myasthenia Gravis may not need any treatment and it can be cured itself with time.

Because of the stem cells ability to multiple and promoting healing mechanisms, Stem Cell Therapy is the highly effective treatment modality for Myasthenia Gravis.

The recent and latest research revealed that stem cells could rejuvenate the brain cells. Also, it improves the symptoms and leads to prolonging lives. When stem cells enter the human body, they not only find the damaged area and works on repairing the damage part and cells of the area but also develop new healthy cells in the human body. In Myasthenia Gravis patients, stem cells recover myelin, which causes a reduction of symptoms. Improvements after stem cell therapy usually start in the next four months.

Myasthenia Gravis patients had a hard time altering medications suitable as per need. Various steroids or disease controlling or modifying drugs are only supposed to manage few specific symptoms, but most of the time they are not entirely successful in their job and cannot cure all the symptoms or problems. Another main concern is the side effects of drugs. Because of these reasons, lots of people have turned to alternative treatment modalities.

Is Stem Cell Safe for Myasthenia Gravis Eye?

Stem Cell Therapy Is 100% Safer for the Treatment of Myasthenia Gravis. Very Much useful And Potent than The Allopathic Medicine. Stem cell therapy for Myasthenia Gravis in India Is Very Safe and Effective by best Myasthenia Gravis doctor in India.

Is Stem Cell Curable for Eye Myasthenia Gravis (MG)?

Stem cells are the natural part of the human body, and they have the unique ability to find and repair the damaged tissues. It usually takes up to four months after the stem cells therapy, to get the fully developed results. Meanwhile, in this time, the patient observes new improvements continuously. There is also no risk of rejection or side effects. The whole procedure is completed within only a few hours and it is very quick, painless, simple and safe.

MedAcess has developed the Stem Cell Therapy program to treat various conditions. During our stem cell treatment, each patient receives 200 – 300 million stem cells. The quantity of the stem cells not only covers daily losses but exceeds them a million times. Thus, the source of the stem cells which is practically lost for the last 15 – 20 years, is recovered and restored. After our stem cell infusion, various organs get rejuvenated and they get renewed because the new and active stem cells completely replace the old and damaged ones.

Changes After Stem Cell Therapy

  • Improved Capacity in lifting the objects, climbing, or walking upstairs.
  • Improved breathing
  • Improved Vision, corrected double vision, controlled drop of eyelids
  • Improved chewing and swallowing anything
  • Improvement in talking
  • Reduced Facial Paralysis

How much does Cost for Stem Cell Treatment Myasthenia Gravis in India?

Myasthenia Gravis stem cell treatment cost is a very complicated process. As the price is not controlled in most of the parts of the globe for stem cell therapy, people from across the world prefer India as it has become the pioneer of medical tourism for affordable stem cell therapy. The therapy cost in India is significantly less of what it would cost in the western hemisphere, along with the waiting period and prohibitive logistics cost.

The average price of a Stem cell therapy for Myasthenia Gravis in India is in the range of $4,000 USD - $8000 USD. depending on the upon various medical factors like, patient’s condition, number of doses, type of stem cell treatment, number of stem cells required, pre-treatment investigations, etc.

Low Cost stem cell therapy for Myasthenia Gravis in India is also a factor that is giving new hope to patients who need Stem Cell Treatment. The Cost of Stem Cell Treatment in India is significantly Low, but the medical services provided by the hospitals are top-notch with International Medical standards and latest technologies at MedAcess Stem Cell Center India.

What are the Success rates of Ocular Myasthenia Gravis?

After the stem cell therapy for Myasthenia Gravis, the patient gets desirable Changes and excellent results. Till now, we have observed that around 80% of Myasthenia Gravis patients who are treated using Stem Cell Therapy have shown significant results like a complete stoppage in the progression of Myasthenia Gravis. Regeneration of damaged neurons, enhanced signaling, better control on Myasthenia Gravis, no Need help in walking or sitting, refined quality of life, improved lifestyle, improved flexibility, etc.

Why Choose India for Myasthenia Gravis Stem Cell Therapy Center?

MedAcess has an excellent and successful career and vast experience in treating such conditions with excellent results. We are well equipped with the latest stem cell technology and the well-versed team of stem cell scientists and doctors. We always keep updated with the latest research and studies in the field of stem cell therapy, and we are improving our skills and knowledge continually. This is the reason we are one of the leading stem cell treatment centers in India.

Why Choose MedAcess for Myasthenia Gravis Disease Treatment?

Our clinic has advanced the curriculum of Adult Autologous Stem Cell Treatment,  treating several conditions, one of them being Myasthenia Gravis. In the operation of stem cell therapy, 200-300 million cells are implanted into the patient’s body. These cells come from the patient’s body itself that wipe out the side effects and make the entire procedure very fast and straightforward. Stem cells are a part of the human repair system. Naturally, that is why they are suitable for conducting deteriorated areas, in this case, chiefly brain tissue.

MedAcess has been working for six years and our successful clinical practice made each individual in our team professionals in the restoration and recovery of the body. Our experts preclude several severe chronic and age-related diseases. Working with the latest technologies, we are continuously recovering our knowledge, advancement skills and accession in this field.

Undergoing therapy in our center, patients receive stimulated autologous mesenchymal stem cell treatment. The cells are seized from adipose tissue and bone marrow, depending upon the patient.

We take into review the patient’s condition, his or her inquiry, and disorder history.

The entire stem cell method is concluded within a day. It is thoroughly safe, fast, understandable and painless. After stem cells are derived from either the patient’s abdominal tissue, bone marrow, they are separated and stimulated, and after that, they are put back into the body using a simple IV dip.

In the next 2-4 months, after the therapy, recoveries are slowly framed up. Symptoms decline and are contradicted, which is possible only with this therapy. During this time, our experts go on receiving the information from the patient’s tests and motivate them with advice. The 6-month medical follow-up follows the Adult Autologous Stem Cell Treatment.

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy at MedAcess:

  • Zero side effects and rejections free
  • Zero risks of Allergic or Immune reactions
  • No risk of transmissible disease
  • No oncological complications
  • Long lasting results

FAQ's -

There is no specific cure but with current stem cell therapies, most of myasthenia gravis are not as "grave," as the name suggests. Available treatments of myasthenia gravis can control symptoms and often allow people to have a relatively high quality of life. Most individuals with the condition have an average life expectancy.

The muscle weakness in the case of myasthenia gravis will worsen with activity and improves with rest. This muscle weakness can lead to a variety of symptoms, including Facial paralysis or weakness of the facial muscles.

In most patients with myasthenia gravis, this is caused by antibodies to the acetylcholine receptor itself. Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disorder because the immune system—which normally protects the body from foreign organisms—attacks itself in this disease.

The antigenic differences between muscle nAchR and neuronal nAchRs, together with the deficit concentrations of muscle nAchR antibodies in the cerebrospinal fluid, make highly unlikely the claims that CNS cholinergic systems are affected by these muscle antibodies in Myasthenia Gravis patients.

Myasthenia gravis (MG) is an autoimmune disorder that affects the muscles in the body. It is a chronic disease that causes specific muscles to be fragile when they are being used for a period of time but returns to average power after being rested.

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