Bone Marrow-derived Stem Cell

Bone Marrow-derived Stem Cell

Bone Marrow-derived Stem Cell

The Stem cells score the unique cells with the ability to multiply and divide into several forms of other cells.

The Hematopoietic cells turn out to be 1 )RBC - Red Blood Cells, which delivers chemical element through the human body; 2) WBC - White Blood Cells, which avoids the infections; and lastly 3) Platelets, which can allow the blood to clot and leads to the healing of the wounds.

Hematopoietic stem cells are found in the bone marrow, which is the soft spongy material found within the bones

Some of these cells travel from the bone marrow to the blood. Once found, these cells are called as peripheral blood stem cells.

Though radiotherapy or any other therapy may treat a large number of the cancer patients, however, the high doses of radiation lead to weakening or even complete wipeout of the healthy stem cells from the human body. This is when the Stem Cell Transplant comes in.

When the stem cells are transplanted into a patient after collecting them from bone marrow, this procedure is called as the Stem Cell Bone Marrow Transplant. If the stem cells came from the blood, then that procedure is called as Peripheral Blood Somatic Cell Transplant—most of the times called “stem cell transplant.”
Even if you hear people talking about any “bone marrow transplant” or “stem cell transplant”, they are only relating to the same somatic cell transplantation.

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