Arrival Arrangements

Arrival Arrangements


Once you decide on your travel plan to India for treatment, do let us know so that we can do the arrival arrangements for you. Based on your travel itinerary, we will arrange your consultation, appointments and do the accommodation booking for you. It is very important for us to make sure that all our patients feel happy and relaxed when arrived in India and they must get the best world-class treatment at a very affordable price.

MedAcess, understands that getting any type of medical treatment can be emotional, physically and economically exhausting process and sometimes it can be stressful as well, keeping all these points in mind, we have a large chain of well trained patient care professionals in our team who are strive to make sure that every patient and accompanying person must feel like they are at home only and they must go back to their home country in good health with all positive and happy experience with good health.

We are one of the leading professional medical providers in India and we are constantly trying to prove this to our patients by providing them with the information and services and that any patient needs prior to planning their treatment before and after. Kindly take your time to know about us and our services along with our facility and other details. Once you are satisfied with all the information, fill an online form to plan your visit at MedAcess.

MedAces, arrange accommodation for all International patients in well known 5,3,2 Star hotels, guesthouse and serviced apartments for their pre and post-treatment stay if required as per the patient’s budget. If everything is planned in advanced in terms of the flight booking, accommodation booking then it can very cost effective.

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