Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple System Atrophy

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What is Multiple System Atrophy explained?

Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple System Atrophy

Most of our body functions like Blood Pressure, Organ function, Heart Rate, Bladder & Bowel function, etc are not under our control. MSA (Multiple System Atrophy) which is a rare neurodegenerative neurological disease affects our involuntary actions. Oftenly, MSA is confused with Parkinson’s because of the similar symptoms of impaired balance, increased muscle tone, slow movement.

Progression of the disease is very fast and it affects adult human mostly. MSA – Multiple System Atrophy is also known as Shy-Drager Syndrome.

Types of MSA

MSA is further classified into 2 types as

  1. MSA-P which is MSA with Parkinsons features and symptoms like extrapyramidal features.
  2. MSA-C which is MSA with Cerebellar features and symptoms like Cerebellar Ataxia.

During the investigation and assessment, type of MSA will be decided based on the symptoms and features.

What causes MSA ?

The main and actual cause of MSA has not been found yet, however, many researchers and scientists believe that the environmental inherited component or toxins are causing MSA. Another study suggests that the age-related changes in adulthood lead to increased chances of MSA. Recent studies showed that the overexposure of Alpha-Synuclein protein in the human brain damages various parts of the brain leading to MSA.

Symptoms of MSA :

The main symptoms of MSA are Orthostatic Hypertension which is the sudden unexpected drop in the blood pressure and the patient feels lightheaded or faint while changing positions. Both types of MSA has various symptoms,

few of them are as follows - 

  • Slow or Slurred speech
  • Impaired Balance
  • Disturbance or difficulty in Vision
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Muscle Rigidity
  • Poor coordination and balance
  • Difficulty in flexing the limbs
  • Tremors

Managing MSA :

Since the permanent cure for MSA has not been found yet, symptom management of MSA can help in relieving the symptoms and other clinical problems. In case of High BP and Parkinson like condition, medications are advised. When the heart muscles are affected, then Pacemaker is installed. To improve the bladder condition, Catheter is also inserted. If required, then Breathing Tube or Feeding Tube are inserted in advance.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy like speech therapy can also be advised to control the motor function and speech improvement.

Role of Stem Cell Therapy in MSA :

Many recent studies have shown that Stem Cell Therapy can be the effective therapy for treating MSA. This therapy has been further classified as the simple and safe treatment method with zero complication and no risk at all.

Prognosis of MSA :

MSA is the progressive disease however it totally depends on how soon the patient gets diagnosed in the right way and the right treatment approach. With the help of Stem Cell Therapy, the recovery of MSA is very good and satisfactory.

MedAcess has developed the Stem Cell Therapy program to treat various conditions. During our stem cell treatment, each patient receives 200 – 300 million stem cells. The quantity of the stem cells not only covers daily losses but exceeds them a million times. Thus, the source of the stem cells which is practically lost for the last 15 – 20 years, is recovered and restored. After our stem cell infusion, various organs get rejuvenated and they get renewed because the new and active stem cells completely replace the old and damaged ones.

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy at MedAcess :

  • Zero side effects and rejections free
  • Zero risks of Allergic or Immune reactions
  • No risk of transmissible disease
  • No oncological complications
  • Minimum hospital stay
  • Long lasting results

Our package includes :

  • Dedicated Stem Cell Doctor during the treatment
  • Dedicated separate nurse or staff for the patient deputed by the hospital.
  • Private ward single seat deluxe room in the hospital in which one attendant can stay during the treatment to maintaining very high degree of hygiene & odor free environment
  • Provided the food for the patient (Recommended by Doctor)
  • Food for the caregiver during stay (Only for International Patient)
  • Interpreter

Also, include in the treatment

  • Consultation Fees
  • Doctor’s visits
  • Nursing Charges
  • Physiotherapy (as per recommendation)
  • OT / ICU / Recovery room charges
  • Basic Lab Investigation as per list is given below :
    • Complete blood Counts
    • Routine urine analysis
    • Liver function tests
    • Renal function tests
    • Blood sugar (random)
    • Test for HIV, HBV,HCV& Syphilis
    • ECG
    • X-ray chest
    • Coagulation profile

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