Stem Cell Therapy for Macular Degeneration in Mumbai, India

What is Macular Degeneration ?

With the help of our intact vision, we can easily read anything, clearly see the near or far distant objects, can drive carefully, and many other daily routine activities with ease. But, what will happen if there is no vision or there will be any dysfunction in the eyes, ever imagined? The simple answer is that life will become worse and dependent on the other, and things will not in our favor.

Macular is the central portion of the retina, which starts to get deteriorate with age leading to Macular Degeneration. The retina is the very light-sensitive part of the human eyes, and if any problem occurs in this part, the vision will be affected gradually. Even though it won't lead to complete blindness, however, it can lead to significant visual disability. Aged people, mainly older ones, are more prone to this disease.

As per the recent and latest research in the Opthalmology field, it has been found that patients with decreased visual activity caused by macular degeneration can find it very difficult to do their daily chores as compared to Glaucoma patients with Vision Impairment.

Macular Degeneration leaves a strong –ve impact on the well being of the patient socially and psychologically.

Stem Cell Treatment for Macular Degenerations

What are the Causes of Macular Degeneration?

  • Age - Macular Dystrophy/Degeneration is most common in people over 50 years of age.
  • Family history and genetics - This disease has a hereditary complex. Researchers have found several genes that are related to the disease.
  • Race - Macular degeneration is found more in Caucasians.
  • Smoking - Smoking cigarettes or being exposed to smoke significantly increases your risk of developing macular degeneration.
  • Obesity - The research found that being obese may increase your chances of being at risk of macular degeneration.
  • Cardiovascular disease - If you have had conditions that affected your heart and Vascular system, you may be at higher risk of developing macular degeneration.

What are the Symptoms of Macular Degeneration?

The most common symptom in both types of Macular Degeneration is Central Vision Loss.

In Wet Macular Degeneration :

  • Central Vision Loss
  • Blindspots
  • Straight lines appearing as wavey

In Dry Macular Degeneration :

  • Less defined vision
  • Hazier Vision
  • Difficulty in recognization of the faces
  • Difficulty in reading in dark light
  • Always need bright light
  • Blurry text
  • Colors appear less vibrant

What is the Treatment Available for Macular Degeneration?

Many treatment modalities are available for the cure of Macular Degeneration. Various medications are nowadays has been found to treat Macular Degeneration.

Dry Macular Degeneration patients can enhance their visual function with low-vision rehabilitation. Zinc and other specific Antioxidants, if given in high dose, can lead to a significant difference in such patients.

Anti Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Medication (Anti-VEGF Medication), Vitamins and Minerals (like Copper, Zinc, Beta Carotene, Vit C, E, A), Robo4, Laser, Telescope Contact Lens, and Photodynamic Therapy can help the patients with Wet Macular Degeneration.

Is Stem Cell Therapy is Safe for Eye Macular Degeneration?

Recent research and discoveries in Stem Cell Technology have shown that Stem Cells can help in repairing the damaged retina, and they also lead to the complete stop in the progression of the vision loss, thus resulting in the improvement of the overall quality of human life.

Stem Cell Therapy has open the new doors towards the cure and improvements of the patient with Macular Degeneration.

MedAcess has developed the Stem Cell Therapy program to treat various conditions. During our stem cell treatment, each patient receives 200 – 300 million stem cells. The quantity of the stem cells not only covers daily losses but exceeds them a million times. Thus, the source of the stem cells, which is practically lost for the last 15 – 20 years, is recovered and restored. After our stem cell infusion, various organs get rejuvenated, and they get renewed because the new and active stem cells completely replace the old and damaged ones.

Is Stem Cell Treatment Cure for MD?

Stem Cells Introduced into the retrobulbar space they can begin acting on damaged tissue and Starts Rejuvenating the optic fibers and retinal cells

The Mesenchymal Stem Cells can differentiate into photoreceptors and other cells. The differentiated Stem Cells can be used to treat lesions in Macular and retinal cells.

For patients who suffer from Optic Nerve Injuries or Optic Nerve Atrophy (ONA), this treatment can restore some of the fibers through missing optic nerve cells and eventually improve eyesight, the field of vision and color discrimination capacity.

Does India Have Best Stem Cell Center of MD for Eye?

  • MeAcess Provide the best Hospitality Experience in India, which are As Per International Standards and the team of Stem Cell Therapy Experts with an International professional standard Ensures Best Stem Cell Treatment to the patients.
  • MedAcess are Provider Of Healthy life And Improve the Standards Of living For the patients By Providing affordable low-cost Stem Cell treatment in India, best treatment facility with International Standards, and a homely atmosphere.

Patient Story - MD Eye Treatment in India

Mr. Rick Jhonson From South Africa Came to India for his Stem Cell Therapy for MD

I am Rick Johnson (44), and I was diagnosed with Fundus Flavi Maculatis, a particular type of Macular Degeneration, at age 15. This eye condition causes the vision to degenerate to a point where no reading or writing is possible. The Macula is responsible for colour vision, recognising faces, reading and writing, in short, all standard visuals.

Within the first eight months of being diagnosed with Macular Dystrophy, I lost more than 50% eyesight. In 1991 when I completed my graduation, my view was so less (+/-20%). I studied in my spare time and started working at the United Nations Council for the Blind in 1994 as an IT Guy, training blind and partially sighted computer users for the next 14 years.

In August of 2010, I started working for Telecom Company as a specific product specialist. This was a dream job.

What made you undergo Stem Cell Therapy for Macular Dystrophy?

For 29 years, I have never given up hope. I have always believed that I will regain my lost eyesight. I have continued my research during all those years, searching the globe for possible Cure. At age 45, I believe I have found exactly what I was looking for; MedAcess in India was doing procedures to help the condition using Stem Cell Therapy. I live a full life. I have a wife and two spouses.

I was taking full responsibility for anything in my life. I felt like I was watching an hourglass running empty. My hourglass, in terms of my sight, was 90% empty. This procedure can indeed be my life’s dream of becoming a reality.

What was your vision before the treatment?

Till this point, I had less than 10% vision. Any improvement would be nothing but wonder.

The stem cells that were collected from the bone marrow were then injected below the eyes to the back of the eye. This procedure again is done under local anesthetic and takes about 25 to 30 minutes. You are then required to wait in the recovery suit for about 3 hours. After a visit from the eye specialist, I was given the green signal to go home!

This is where one of the most challenging scenes in my life started. You feel good about doing what you planned out to do. You feel good about the opportunity well played. But the reality is, lots of things have changed. You are a very different person due to the experience you had in the past. You have set a level up goal and have nailed it. You have pushed yourself to a new limit new game, emotionally, physically and psychologically. Now the name of the essential factor is patience

What are the Success rates of Macular Degeneration?

After stem cell therapy for Macular Degeneration/Dystrophy, the patient gets significant Changes and excellent results. Till now, we have observed that around 80% of the Macular Dystrophy patients who treated using Stem Cell Therapy have shown well-improved results like complete stoppage in the progression of Macular Dystrophy. regeneration of damaged Macular Region, enhanced perception of light, better strabismus, brighter night vision field, enlarged visual field, refined visual acuity, abridged nystagmus, improved immunological regulation, improved blood circulation, etc

What is Cost of Stem Cell Macular Degeneration Treatment in India?

Macular Dystrophy stem cell treatment cost is a very complicated process. As the price is not controlled in most of the parts of the globe for stem cell therapy, people from across the world prefer India as it has become the pioneer of medical tourism for highly affordable stem cell therapy. The treatment cost here is significantly less of what it would cost in the western countries along with the waiting period and very expensive logistic cost.

The average cost of Stem Cell Therapy for Macular Degeneration in India is usually between 3.2 lakh ($4,000) to 5.2 lakh ($6,500). However, the prices may vary depending upon various medical factors like the type of stem cell treatment, type of cells, the number of stem cells required, type of stem cells, hospital stay, pre-treatment investigations, etc.

Low cost stem cell therapy for MD in India is also a factor which is giving a new ray of hope to the patients who are in need of Stem Cell Therapy. Stem Cell Therapy cost in India is significantly economical but the medical services provided by the hospitals are top-notch with International Medical standards and latest technologies at MedAcess Stem Cell Center India.

Why Choose MedAcess for Macular Degeneration Treatment in India?

  • We believe that there is always hope and possibility that patients deserve access to adequate and safe stem cell therapy for Macular Dystrophy In India.
  • We are having an in-house medical department and Diagnosis Lab.
  • We have the lowest cost of stem cell Therapy for Macular Dystrophy In India.
  • Best Stem Cell Treatment For Macular Dystrophy In India
  • We are in collaboration with best experts of this field best hospitals for stem cell treatment for Macular Dystrophy, advanced treatments, unique products and exceptional services that are integrative and effective to ensure the best possible treatment and hospitality results.

What is Improvement Observe after stem cell treatment in India?

Optic Nerve Atrophy patients treated with stem cell Therapy observe improvements in the following areas:

  • Visual acuity
  • Light perception
  • Field of vision
  • Night vision
  • Colour vision
  • Nystagmus
  • Clarity of vision
  • Improved Distant And Near vision
  • Improved Focus

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy at MedAcess :

  • Zero side effects and rejections free
  • Zero risks of Allergic or Immune reactions
  • No risk of transmissible disease
  • No oncological complications
  • Minimum hospital stay
  • Long lasting results

 FAQ’s -

Macular is the central portion of the retina, which starts to get deteriorate with age leading to Macular Degeneration. The retina is the very light-sensitive part of the human eyes and if any problem occurs in this part, the vision will be affected gradually. Even though it won't lead to complete blindness, however, it can lead to significant visual disability. Aged people, mainly older ones, are more prone to this disease.

  • Age.
  • Family history and genetics.
  • Race.
  • Smoking.
  • Obesity.
  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Less defined vision
  • Hazier Vision
  • Difficulty in recognization of the faces
  • Difficulty in reading in dark light
  • Always need bright light
  • Blurry text
  • Colors appear less vibrant

Stem cell therapy for Macular Dystrophy Is the Best Treatment for the MD As there is not very much known results of Traditional medicine for the MD and Stem Cell Therapy is known to have regenerative properties and these cells regenerate the worn-out Macula of Eye.

Stem Cell Therapy Is 100% Safer For The Treatment Of Macular Dystrophy And Very Much effective And Potent than The Allopathic Medicine. stem cell treatment for MD in India Is Very Safe And Effective.

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