Stem Cell Therapy for Inclusion Body Myositis

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What is Inclusion Body Myositis ?

Stem Cell Therapy for Inclusion Body Myositis

IBM (Inclusion Body Myositis) is mostly found after 50 years of age and it is an inflammatory disease. This disease leads to distal & proximal muscles weakness, muscle wasting, chronic muscle inflammation. The symptoms of IBM can also be found at the age of 30 years. The typical symptoms of Inclusion Body Myositis are muscle weakness, difficulty in swallowing, atrophy if forearm, wrist, and fingers.

Progression of IBM is slow and men are at the high risk of Inclusion Body Myositis compared to women.

Type of Inclusion Body Myositis :

There are 2 types of Inclusion Body Myositis as –

  • Familial Inflammatory sIBM, which can be found in the siblings from the same family., however, it doesn’t pass from one generation to another.
  • Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy sIBM, which is very rare and it’s a hereditary cause which is linked to the specific genetic defect.

Cause of Inclusion Body Myositis :

Until now, the exact cause of IBM is not discovered yet. But, many evidence shows that the immune system attacks the healthy muscle tissues and because of this their integrity decreases.

Another theory suggests that Inclusion Body Myositis occurs due to muscles weakness because of the age-related impacts on the human muscles.

However, the latest research and studies showed that IBM is a hereditary disorder.

Signs & Symptoms of Inclusion Body Myositis :

If IBM is left untreated, then its onset gradually increases leading to progress of the disease. The life of the person with IBM becomes extremely challenging when the muscle weakness occurs in forearm, wrist, and thighs. IBM patients find it difficult to climb stairs, doing household routine works, gripping an object.

The thigh muscles in IBM patients becomes weak leading to shrinking of the muscles and because of this, the patient stumbles more and more. Because of this the foot drop occurs leading to increased chances of fall.

Heart and lungs are not affected by Inclusion Body Myositis, unlike other myopathies.

Treatment of Inclusion Body Myositis :

Most of the IBM patients have not shown any improvement in their health even after getting the immunosuppressive drugs prescribed by the doctors because it is very important to also consider prevention of falls, muscle power, and strength which becomes deteriorate with time, foot drop and tripping, etc.

Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Specialized Exercise Therapy are also very helpful for IBM patients.

Stem Cell Therapy for Inclusion Body Myositis :

Recent studies and research in Stem Cell Technology have shown that the stem cells can help in regaining the strength and power in the muscles of the myopathic and dystrophic patients.

Stem Cell Therapy is highly advised and preferred treatment modality for Inclusion Body Myositis as its complete risk-free with no side effects and it can lead to the complete stop of the progression of the disease.

MedAcess has developed the Stem Cell Therapy program to treat various conditions. During our stem cell treatment, each patient receives 200 – 300 million stem cells. The quantity of the stem cells not only covers daily losses but exceeds them a million times. Thus, the source of the stem cells which is practically lost for the last 15 – 20 years, is recovered and restored. After our stem cell infusion, various organs get rejuvenated and they get renewed because the new and active stem cells completely replace the old and damaged ones.

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy at MedAcess :

  • Zero side effects and rejections free
  • Zero risks of Allergic or Immune reactions
  • No risk of transmissible disease
  • No oncological complications
  • Minimum hospital stay
  • Long lasting results

Our package includes :

  • Dedicated Stem Cell Doctor during the treatment
  • Dedicated separate nurse or staff for the patient deputed by the hospital.
  • Private ward single seat deluxe room in the hospital in which one attendant can stay during the treatment to maintaining very high degree of hygiene & odor free environment
  • Provided the food for the patient (Recommended by Doctor)
  • Food for the caregiver during stay (Only for International Patient)
  • Interpreter

Also, include in the treatment

  • Consultation Fees
  • Doctor’s visits
  • Nursing Charges
  • Physiotherapy (as per recommendation)
  • OT / ICU / Recovery room charges
  • Basic Lab Investigation as per list is given below :
    • Complete blood Counts
    • Routine urine analysis
    • Liver function tests
    • Renal function tests
    • Blood sugar (random)
    • Test for HIV, HBV,HCV& Syphilis
    • ECG
    • X-ray chest
    • Coagulation profile

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