Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Kidney in Mumbai, India

What is Chronic Kidney Disease?

The chronic condition in which the kidney’s functional capacity diminishes slowly and steadily is known as Chronic Renal Failure OR Chronic Kidney Disorder. This condition is a slow process which progresses for months or years and at the end, the kidneys stop working slowly.

Kidneys are 2 bean-shaped organs position at the back of the human body. Kidneys are composed up of small structures knows as Nephrons, which are the key regulators essential for the kidney functions. They are the building blocks of the kidneys and they have the ability to filter blood while retaining its mineral contents, normal salts and also removing the toxins out of the human body through urine. If these nephrons are damaged, then kidney function may slow down to the severe limitations.

The main work of the kidneys is to filter blood by removing the waste material from the body and prevent toxic materials or toxins from intensifying into the bloodstream. Kidneys also secrete hormones which are required to control other body functions. CKD occurs when a patient is suffering from gradually slow and permanent loss of the kidney function. CKD is affecting lots of people nowadays. Kidney Transplant gives a hope for CKD cure however, most of the patients cannot be treated timely or may be dead due to lack of availability of the organ. Even if someone is able to get the transplant done, then there is the risk of immune rejection.

Stem Cell Treatment for Chronic Kidney

What are Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease?

The most common causes of CKD are as follows –

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes Type 1 & Type 2
  • Damaged to kidney vessels caused by the damaged blood vessels because of Diabetes
  • Kidney Infection
  • Cyst in Kidneys
  • Prolonged use of medications
  • Urinary Tract Blockage

What are the Chronic Kidney Disease Symptoms?

A CKD patient may experience the following symptoms –

  • Chronic Renal Failure, which gradually progresses with time
  • Abnormal Urination
  • Puffy Eyes
  • Edema
  • Swelled hands and feet
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Shortness of breath
  • Stroke
  • Mental Disorder

What are the Treatment Available for chronic kidney disease?

Depending on the cause, some types of kidney disease can be treated. Though, chronic kidney disease has no Specific cure but Stem Cell Therapy.

Treatment usually consists of measures to control signs and symptoms, reduce complications, and slow the progression of the disease. If kidneys become severely damaged, patient may need treatment for end-stage kidney disease.

Treatments may include:

  • High blood pressure medications.
  • Medicine to lower cholesterol levels.
  • Medications to treat anemia.
  • Medications to relieve swelling.
  • A lower protein diet to minimize waste products in your blood.

Is Stem Cell Therapy is Safe for Chronic Kidney Disease?

Stem Cell Therapy Is 100% Safer For The Treatment Of CKD. Very Much effective And Potent than The Allopathic Medicine. stem cell treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease in India Is Very Safe And Effective.

Is Stem Cell Curable for chronic renal failure?

CKD Is Very Effectively Curable With the help of Stem Cell Therapy treatment for Chronic Kidney disease in India. Stem Cell Therapy uses the patient’s body cells or embryonic stem cell treatment for CKD. Patients are confused over some questions like where can I get stem cell treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease?. The Simple Answer Is in India There Is best stem cell center for stem cell therapy for CKD, and best price Chronic Kidney treatment in India, Best Stem Cell therapy Centers are available In India.

Is India Have Best Stem Cell Center for CKD?

  • MeAcess Provide the best Hospitality Experience in India, which are As Per International Standards and the team of Stem Cell Therapy Experts with an international professional standard Ensures Best Stem Cell Treatment to the patients.
  • MedAcess are Provider Of Healthy life And Improve the Standards Of living For the patients By Providing affordable low-cost Stem Cell treatment in India, best treatment facility with International Standards, and a homely atmosphere.

Patient Story - CKD Treatment in India

Rafik Biswsh From Dhaka Came to India for his Stem Cell Therapy for CKD

Rafik Biswsh from Dhaka: I was diagnosed with kidney disorder 8 ago. I was facing a lot of problem in Medical condition. I referred a lot of doctors but everything went in vain. In December 2017, I was kept on dialysis but my condition was not improving. Although, I was able to become much active but my condition was not improving as desired. I had low iron and hb on micera and iron and also my vitamin d levels were very low. Then, from one of my friend I got to know about MedAcess. MedAcess India, began my treatment through the Mesenchymal Stem Cells. I was admitted in the hospital for 3 days during which the concerned doctor Injected Mesenchymal Stem Cells through Intravenous Route accompanied by Stem Cell Activator Injection which aids the patient to lower his creatinine, egfr and potassium level. After 3 months of the treatment, my dialysis frequency got reduced very much. Now I am very satisfied with the treatment at MedAcess.

What are the Success rates of Kidney failure Treatment?

After stem cell therapy for CKD, the patient gets significant Changes and excellent results. Till now, we have observed that around 80% of the Chronic Kidney patients who treated using Stem Cell Therapy have shown well-improved results like a complete stoppage in the progression of CKD. regeneration of damaged Nephrons, enhanced Creatinine level, better Filtration, no Need of regular Dialysis, refined kidney Functions, improved Hormonal regulation, improved ionic balance, etc.

Low Cost of Stem Cell Treatment Chronic Kidney Disease in India

CKD stem cell treatment cost is a very complicated process. As the price is not controlled in most of the parts of the globe for stem cell therapy, people from across the world prefer India as it has become the pioneer of medical tourism for affordable stem cell therapy. The therapy cost in India is significantly less of what it would cost in the western hemisphere, along with the waiting period and very expensive logistic cost.

The average cost of Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease in India is usually between 3.2 lakh ($4,000) to 4.8 lakh ($6,000). Stem Cell Treatment Cost in other European countries approx. $24,000 - $32,000. But, in India, it will cost you almost 70% to 80% less than that.

However, the prices may vary depending upon various medical factors like the type of stem cell treatment, the number of stem cells required, type of stem cells, hospital stay, pre-treatment investigations, etc.

Low cost stem cell therapy for Chronic Kidney Disorder in India is also a factor that is giving a new ray of hope to the patients who need Stem Cell Therapy. The cost of Stem Cell Therapy in India is significantly economical but the medical services provided by the hospitals are top-notch with International Medical standards and latest technologies at MedAcess Stem Cell Center India.

Why Choose MedAcess for CKD Treatment in India?

MedAcess has excellent and successful career and vast experience in treating such conditions with excellent results. We are well equipped with the latest stem cell technology and the well-versed team of stem cell scientists and doctors. We always keep ourselves updated with the latest research and studies in the field of stem cell therapy and we are improving our skills and knowledge continually. This is the reason we are one of the leading stem cell treatment centers in India.

What are Improvement Observe after stem cell treatment in India?

You will get the following improvement after Stem Cell Therapy for CKD at our center –

  • Complete stoppage in the progression of CKD.
  • Regeneration of damaged Nephrons,
  • Enhanced Creatinine level,
  • Better Filtration,
  • No Need of regular Dialysis,
  • Refined kidney Functions,
  • Improved Hormonal regulation,
  • Improved ionic balance

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy at MedAcess :

  1. No side effects
  2. Zero risk
  3. No risk of contamination of the transmissible diseases
  4. Shorter duration of the treatment
  5. Easy and large access to stem cells
  6. No complications
  7. Physiotherapy provided along with the stem cell therapy


Dialysis is a Medical procedure for artificially performing many Physiological functions performed by Human kidneys. It is necessary to do artificial kidney function when kidneys are not able to perform normal filtration functions. There are two most common types of dialysis: peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis. When other treatment for kidney disease fails dialysis comes to the rescue.

  • Frequent urination
  • Swollen feet
  • Muscle cramps
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dry, itchy skin

A doctor detects the condition through blood and urine tests. There are three tests to screen for kidney disease: a blood pressure measurement, a spot check for protein or albumin in the urine (proteinuria), and a calculation of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) based on the serum creatinine measurement. Measuring the urea & nitrogen in the blood provides additional information.

On an average, a kidney transplant lasts between 9 to 16 years. But some transplants last only a few weeks and some last for as long as 25 years. In general, kidneys from the living donors last longer than the Kidney from cadaveric (deceased) donors.

There are various conditions that can lead to kidney disease, but the leading two causes are hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes.

Patients Testimonials

Mr. Shankar From Fiji Came To India For His CKD Treatment at MedAcess
Ms. Janice from UK Undergoes Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes Type 2
Mr. Golam from Bangladesh his Mother's Successful Stem Cell Therapy for CKD
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