Patient Case Study

Case ID : Med594

Age : 19 years

Sex : Male

Country : Iraq

Diagnosis : A Paraplegic patient with complete Spinal Cord Injury (D2-D3) with no bladder and bowel control.

Reason to choose MedAcess, India for Stem Cell Treatment :
The patient has tried all the available conventional treatment methods along with the surgery in his home country as well abroad however, he found no improvements. His parents were referred to MedAcess, India by our old patient who was their neighbor to try Stem Cell Treatment at MedAcess.

Date of treatment : 04th June 2017

Treatment Place : Facility of MedAcess, India

Pre-Treatment condition :

  • The patient has no power left in his lower limbs and abdominal muscles.
  • His ASIA motor score of both the limbs together was 1.
  • There was no movement in hips and waist.
  • There was no spasticity in lower limbs.

Treatment performed in MedAcess, India :

  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells derived from Wharton’s Jelly of Human Umbilical Cord.
  • The patient was administered total 6 injections of Stem Cells.
  • 2 injections through intravenous route with a dose of 1 million stem cells per Kg of the patient's body weight.
  • 4 injections of the competent stem cells through Intrathecal route.

Post-Treatment condition :

Before the discharge of the patient from the MedAcess facility, the following improvements were noted by our team –

  • The patient had experienced more power in his abdominal muscles as he was able to change his position from lying to sitting more easily.
  • He could move his waist.
  • He could now straighten and raise his legs parallel to the ground while sitting in the wheelchair.
  • His ASIA motor score of both the lower limbs improved to 4.
  • He experienced an increase in the tone of his dorsiflexors.
  • His bladder control also improved a bit.
  • His appetite has also increased.
  • He is nor more active towards his daily routine activities.

After his return to Iraq, we are awaiting further feedback for any additional improvements if found.The patient’s name has not been disclosed to protect their identity.

Disclaimer: Stem Cell Therapy at MedAcess, India does not fall under the realm of approved treatment modalities. The improvements and results out of this therapy may vary from patient to patient depending upon the conditions.
The patient’s name has not been disclosed to protect their identity.

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