Stem Cells helped in Rejuvenation

Patient Details: Ms. Ming aged 54 years from Myanmar

Ms. Ming used to meet many people at work daily with different looks and different style. We all are aware that – the First Impression is always important, so she is very sensitive towards her looks. Her dressing sense, outfits is always the latest and best and makeup is also branded and stylish. However, with years passing, it left age related marks and impression on her body with wrinkles and loose skin. Because of this, the makeup and good clothing were also of no use to her. Because of these age-related changes, she often used to feel uncomfortable. So she decided to get herself rejuvenated to get her previous condition back.

After a long research and communications with the team of MedAcess, she chooses to travel to India for her treatment at MedAcess and underwent Stem Cell Therapy for Rejuvenation. As we all know that the stem cells can be differentiated into any type of human body cells and after the transplantation, they proliferate in the human hosting body and replace the damaged body cells with new fresh healthy cells leading to replenish the damaged ones.

3 months past the stem cell treatment, Ms. Ming’s appearance became quite visible and she now looks much healthy, beautiful and younger to her current age.

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