Mrs Usman from Nigeria got Rheumatism Treatment

Patient Details: Mrs. Usman aged 68 years from Lagos, Nigeria

I have been suffering from Rheumatism and knee problems for a long time. I am very happy now as I got the stem cell therapy at MedAcess in India for my these conditions. I made the decision the decision to get this therapy done at MedAcess and because of my decision I am now able to walk normally on my own with seeking anybody's help and there is no pain in my knee joints like earlier.

I had IV injections of stem cells and also infusion into my knee joints. The whole procedure is very safe, reliable, quick and risk-free. After weeks of the therapy, I also noticed the significant improvement in my Rheumatism. Nowadays, I move faster and can also climb stairs with ease and zero pain in knees. I am very happy that I am again independent and I don’t need anybody’s help that used to make me feel like the burden on them. Thank you MedAcess for helping me get my life back without pain.

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