MedAcess,India helped us with my Mother's Parkinson's Disease

Patient Details: Ms. Angela Chukwu on behalf of her 58-year-old mother from Uganda

When my mother showed the symptoms of Parkinson's disease I contacted various top experts in the medical field and followed their opinion and advise, however, Parkinson’s is a very chronic progressive disease and with the progress of the disease my mother’s condition started deteriorating gradually and her medications also increased which led to increasing side effects.

When I lost all the hope and faith in treating her condition, one of my friends advised me to check for stem cell therapy treatment in India and he has heard from one of his friend about his Father being treated for Parkinson in India with the stem cell therapy. After a quick search about the facilities providing Stem Cell Therapy in India, I came across MedAcess and they assisted me in every aspect related to Mother’s treatment planning in India.

When we reached their facility in India, the doctor explained us all about the treatment procedures and outcome and result after it and after a quick discussion among the family members, we decided to get it done for my Mother considering it as the last option. However, by God's grace, within a short period of time after stem cell therapy, my mother was more talkative and alert, being more mobile and started interacting in a better way than her previous condition. We choose MedAcess as the last option and hope for my Mother’s treatment however we do not regret that decision as my mother is benefited out of the stem cell therapy given by the MedAcess.

Taking chances and considering the money involved is not always that important, the benefits that your loved one will get out of it is important. With all these healthy and positive lifetime experience at MedAcess, I am going to recommend this facility in India to everyone seeking medical treatment for themselves or their loved ones.

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