Knee Problem and Heart related issues and Stem Cell Therapy

Patient Details: Mr. Evans aged 68 years from Canada

I am a 68-year-old male with an end-stage heart condition. The medications for my heart condition were making me feel weak and tired throughout the day. Often, I used to feel depressed because of the weakness.

After getting Stem Cell Therapy done for my condition at MedAcess in India, I now feel much stronger and less tired than earlier. Thankful to God and the team of MedAcess, I got out of the depression and every day I feel more stronger.

Because of my age, I was facing difficulty in walking, however, after the stem cell therapy at MedAcess, I was relieved of the chronic knee pains and now I am able to walk normally.

I am very happy that I decided to get my stem cell therapy done with MedAcess in India because now I can walk with very less pain and most of the times without the cane!

My newly found energy makes me feel no longer tired and stronger at times. I have overcome the feeling of depression and now I keep myself busy amongst my friends and can also go out with them.

It's like my life turned back some 8-10 years after this treatment at MedAcess in India.

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