Diabetes Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy at MedAcess,India

Patient Details: Anonymous male from Kenya, 38-year-old

In reference to my Diabetes Treatment at MedAcess, India.

I received required multiple infusion of stem cells at MedAcess, India in December 2017. Before this, I was a diabetic patient with my blood sugar levels ranging 320-360, a couple of foot ulcers which were open for about 1.5 years, and a problem with my kidneys also. Within the weeks after the stem cell procedure at MedAcess, India, my average sugar levels dropped to 110-130.

In case if I failed to control my sugar intake, from time to time the sugar level would spike, however, it drops quickly the following day. At the same point in time, I lost the large chunk of body weight and also noticed an improved body complexion. My kidneys and other organs are also completely normal now. Both the diabetic foot ulcers healed within 20 days after the stem cell therapy.

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