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Patient Details: Master Joseph Saidu aged 10 years from Nigeria

For the first 2.5 years of his life, Master Saidu was quite normally developing and then suddenly the retention started happening to him. When he turned 3 years old, his parents observed and noticed that he like to behave as a perfectionist by lining up the toys or any other random pieces of stuff at home in perfect ordered lines. He did not show any interest towards dancing, playing active games, music, going out or picnics, playing with other kids, etc and he always preferred to stay alone at home with his toys. He used to avoid eye contacts with his parents and his such activities were different from his other 3 siblings which made his parents worried.

Later, he showed very strange behavior like he does not want to accept new things in the house like furniture, dishes, electronics, etc and he always used to protest against the movement of any household item or furniture at home. As per his parents, he always seemed too preoccupied with his Mr. Bears (soft toy) which became his only available companion. Generally, he does not have any affection towards his siblings, parents, nurses or any other caretaker and sometimes he liked to bite his hand and arm.  

Tired and helpless of handling him, his parents took him to a doctor locally and discussed his condition and behavior and the diagnosis was Autism. As there was no effective treatment for this condition, his parents researched a lot on the internet about Autism treatment and contacted several hospitals abroad. Then they came across Stem Cell Research on Autism and contacted MedAcess in India.

After getting all the requisite help and details about the stem cell treatment for Autism from MedAcess team, the discussed among the family about it. Though Stem Cell Therapy was new to them, they decided to give it a try rather than torturing themselves along with their kid, considering his future. 

One of the main reason for Autism is the developmental factors that affect all the functional systems related to brain and interrupt the development of the brain. Various studies suggest that Autism includes brain developmental alteration after conception. This appears to be leading the start of various pathological events in it which are extremely influenced by the surrounding factors. Immediately after the birth, brains seem to grow faster and speedily than usual followed by relatively slow growth in childhood.

However, thanks to the stem cell therapy, at such point in time, it is possible to cure the damaged brain tissues by injection fresh and healthy stem cells into the patient. After infusion, the stem cells reach the targeted areas and start developing or replacing the damaged cells with new fresh cells leading to significant improvement in the patient. 

Now, the overall health of Master Saidu has been significantly improved and now he has lots of friends and also like to go out with parents in public and playing in the yard with his friends. His parent is also very much relieved as they can see a lot of improvement in their child after getting the stem cell treatment at MedAcess in India.

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