Asthma treated sucessfully by Stem Cells

Patient Details : Mr. Rauf Ansari aged 37 years from Bangladesh

Mr. Ansari was working in the Chemical factory for more than 12 years.

He always had the problem of Coughing. With the passing time, the problem became more and more aggressive and complicated.

When he went to the doctor, the diagnosis came out as Asthma.

Most of the nights, he used to wake up because of his immense coughing and it was so powerful and strong that his skin goes slight blue in color sometimes. He used to feel shortness of breath and tightness in chest often.

The acute Asthma attacks then started coming more frequently. He was not even able to do the physical exercise because of it and was unable to keep himself healthy. He smoked smoking, changed his work area, moved to the countryside, to keep himself healthy however the disease was already in its advanced stage.

So, he came to MedAcess in India and underwent the stem cell therapy procedure for Asthma and it worked for him. After, almost a year of the treatment, he feels extremely healthy and can enjoy his daily routine life without any problem.

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