11-year-old Leukemia patient from South Africa underwent successful NK Cell Immunotherapy

Hello everyone,

My name is Lisa, I am from Johannesburg, South Africa. My son who is 11 years old was diagnosed with Leukemia last year in the month of November 2018. He went into remission and then it relapsed. After this, we were looking for options to treat him as we do not want him to undergo chemotherapy at any cost. So, after a lot of research, I found out that there is a possibility to address Leukemia with NK Cell Immunotherapy and I started finding out the best place to offer this treatment.

As we do not want to go for chemotherapy, I found on the internet about this Stem Cell Therapy Centre in India who are providing NK Cell Immunotherapy. As I found all the details on their website satisfactory, I sent them an online enquiry and within 5 minutes I got the response back from them. And this was like the biggest shock to me to get such a quick response by email and phone call. I got very impressed with this and they answered my all queries, cleared my all doubts and answered my all questions very professionally and politely.

I have been dealing with Dr Shahid, who is the head of their International Patient Desk. He was always on call whenever I have questions. They guided me through the whole process on every step and provided me with a very clear picture of the treatment as in how they will do it and what all we can expect from this treatment. They also helped us in the visa process and provided us with all the relevant documents required to get the medical visa to India.

After booking our flight to India, they arranged for our airport pick up and after our arrival, they brought us to the hospital. The hospital staff, infrastructure, the room, the cleanliness, the hygiene and everything in the hospital was very excellent and good.

The treatment was done post initial check-up and investigation and things turned out as planned. My son felt no pain and side effects of the treatment as the treating team were well versed and expert in their task. We glad that treatment went smoothly as we were very concerned about it as my son’s body is very sensitive and he can even react to blood. So the fact that there have been no side effects and no reaction and we are very pleased about that as we know that we were in the safe hands at the right place. Hopefully, we are gonna see very positive results for my son as some results we have seen already immediately after the treatment.

It’s been an amazing experience and I am still very impressed with the way they handled our child’s case and everything came out so smoothly. I am very impressed and grateful to the whole team of Stem Cell Therapy in India for providing us with such an excellent service. Honestly, I haven’t received such kind of service before, not even in South Africa. I am overwhelmed, blessed and grateful that we connected with this centre from our child’s treatment in India. We wish them success ahead.



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